August 2015 054

I blog because I want to encourage girls to follow Christ passionately and to be fully satisfied in Him. I am certainly not a perfect example of this but it is my hope that other people can learn from my failures and that they would glorify God who is so faithful to forgive and to give us power to walk with Him.

I started walking with Christ in my early teens. Having grown up in a Christian home, I worked hard to try to earn myself a place in God’s kingdom.  When I was 13, I finally understood that Jesus did all the work for me – I could never be good enough to be a Christian! But by God’s grace and his sacrifice I can have freedom from sin and death.

I am now 25 and I am a first grade teacher after several years working in retail management while going to school. It’s been exciting for me to see God’s provision in my life. I love children, traveling, cooking, and being involved in my church.