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Hi! I am Bridgette Schutte. I am a wife to a wonderful husband, mother to 3 precious children (two girls, 3 and 2) and a (little boy 6 months). I lived in Texas for 30 years and then by the Lord’s clear and gentle direction He moved us to Michigan in the month of April 2015.

I am a full time mommy. I love being a wife. I am also a licensed practical nurse and work with families that have children with special needs one to two nights a week. My husband and I have a few side projects that we are working on together and can’t wait to see where they will lead. As the projects come to fruition I will be sharing them in the blog!

I love being a Woman! I have a passion to encourage and inspire other girls-teens, single and married women career women and mothers in their Christian walk. I know in this day and time in this culture it is not easy to live and walk in the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is very precious in the sight of God. I love feminine and beautiful things! I know everything in this culture is leading and enticing us to focus on outward beauty and being wealthy and successful in the eyes of others. At times it feels like unless we are beautiful, skinny and have men’s praise and attention we are not important. No! I want to encourage you that is only the lustful worldly perspective there is so much more to life and it has nothing to with any of those things. I pray this blog will be a tool to enable you to continue strong in your walk with the Lord. I want us to remember and be encouraged for the real reason for our lives as women and girls here on earth. Let’s explore these roles together and celebrate feminity!