resized_20170220_182702I enjoy cooking but with 4 little ones it is hard to find enough time in the kitchen. I am always forgetting to thaw meat out for dinner or start the potatoes 45 minutes before supper time. Then (drum roll) the Instant Pot found its way into our kitchen. It really does live up to its name. Everytime I use it I am not disappointed. It makes cooking faster, easier, less messy and recipes that usually take an hour or more are done in minutes. You do not have to be a chef or even a good cook to create delicious meals. Spaghetti squash pictured above usually takes about an hour in the oven but I never remember to bake until I need dinner in 15 minutes. Only 7 minutes in my Instant pot and it’s done! I have not read a review or article yet that doesn’t praise the Instant Pot. What’s for dinner? There are so many options!

Here’s a link I thought might be helpful as well.