Melon Color Lipstick


Have you ever had something not turn out as you hoped it would?  Maybe you were really excited about something, only to be disappointed?  

This happened to me recently when I ordered a new makeup primer for my face.  I was excited that my purchase came with complimentary samples of some additional items, including a full-sized lipstick.  I love trying new cosmetics, so free is always a plus for obtaining fun new products.

But I had some issues with my order when they told me that they were out of the pretty Pink Parfait lipstick color that I wanted.  All they had left was Melon, a light orangey color.  I was disappointed.  With my light skintone, I have little use (or desire) for an orange tone lipstick.  A good old fashioned, classy pink is more my personal style.  

But then I started trying to think about some of the positive aspects of my order, even with the limited free gift options.  If I was going to ever try orangey lipstick, what better way to do it than when it’s free?  

And at least they still had a lipstick to send me.  I could have received nothing.  Soon, even with my disappointment, I started feeling a little bit better about my free gift.  

Now this may perhaps seem like a very small (and shallow) example, but think back to a time when you had a disappointment.  How did you respond?  Did you get angry?  Despair?  Did you stop to look for the positive – any positive – in the situation?

We serve a risen Saviour Who will never disappoint us.  No matter how disappointing life may seem to get in the major (and minor) moments, remember to look to the One Who has conquered death itself to set us free.
And I’m still waiting to see how things turn out with the orangey lipstick… 🙂

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” Hebrews 12:2  (KJV)