Brown bag & stones

Earlier this week, I was teaching 2 little girls in Sunday School about how God provided manna to His people when they were wandering in the wilderness after being freed from Egyptian slavery.

It never ceases to amaze me what these girls find amusing.  To demonstrate the provision of the manna, I brought some simple clear beads and 2 brown paper bags.  I scattered the beads on the floor and watched in amazement as the girls excitedly began gathering up the “manna”.  

It was so simple, yet they seemed to find so much enjoyment in it.  They didn’t need loud toys with batteries or an engaging animated film.  All they needed were a few beads and a brown paper sack.  

I just thought that was so amazing as I watched them.  It was a joyful moment taking a peek at life through the eyes of a pair of young girls.  

God is so thoughtful to give us such simple pleasures in our daily lives.  

What simple things can you find enjoyment in today?
“For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people” Psalm 149:4a  (KJV)

– Kady