As a new momma there is so much good advice, counsel and tips that experienced mothers have shared with me. I soak it all up hoping to avoid as many of those “I wish I would have known” or “If only I had’ moments as possible. My children mean the world to me, and I don’t want to let them down.

The word of wisdom I hear the most often that is either accompanied by teary eyes, a far away look, or a huge smile: “They grow up so fast! Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY every minute you have with them!”

Oh, how I agree with this advice. Look past the messes, the frustration of their disobedience, the melt downs over the wrong shoes-for-this-outfit, another embarrassing scene in the store, or another sleepless night. These moments will seem so trivial and unimportant compared to the moments you laughed, smiled, played and watched them discover their little worlds.

It is difficult to maintain this perspective especially when I really am frustrated: so I try to stop and ask myself, “Is this [event] really worth getting upset about?” Or “Am I putting my children’s needs and hearts before my own desires and wants?”

I remember the day my 3-year-old was born. She was such a tiny little baby. Now, I am having conversations with her and sharing my morning cup of coffee.

All the advice-giving Mothers are right. Our children do grow up so fast. “Lord, may I never waste the precious moments I have with these little ones who so often brighten up my day.”