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Marriage.  Romance.  For girls young and old, these words create thoughts of love, happiness, and a handsome young man that is ready to sweep them off their feet.  And for some girls, God leads the right young man into their life at an early age.  But what about when the years continue to go by and these sweet dreams are yet unrealized?  Should a girl just take the first man that will look her way so she’s not labeled with the dreaded ‘old maid’ title?  After all, folks say that blush of youth won’t last forever.  If God’s not moving right away, is it okay to take matters into your own hands?

Well my friend, what does God’s Word say about it?  “I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.” Psalm 130:5

Wait. Hope. These are thoughts of rest, of comfort.

Before you were even born, God already knew if you were going to marry, and, if so, knew exactly which young man it would be.  Before you were even born.  So, if you’re single today, it’s no surprise to Him.  He still has everything under control.  He just wants you to trust Him, rest in His goodness and wise plans for you.

If matrimony is His goal for you, He has His best match for you somewhere on this earth.  And, since He’s God, this means He is capable of putting you two together without those silly matchmaking games and techniques that we girls can often resort to, whether we realize it or not.  Maybe we go out of our way to walk by a man we find attractive.  Or subtly arrange it so we just happen to be sitting next to him during Bible class or somewhere out in public.  But is any of this necessary when God already has the perfect details already in place, just waiting for His perfect timing to unfold?   Isn’t the God Who created the universe and crafted the plan for our salvation able to arrange for us to meet our soul mate in the perfect time and setting that He chooses?  Without any help from us?

And while you can just settle for your own quick pick for a mate, and maybe even find some measure of happiness and success in that relationship, it will never compare to what you would have experienced had you waited for God to reveal His absolute best for you.  Remember, He doesn’t just want good, He wants best.  He loves you so much, He wants nothing less than that for you.  We may often think that God is just moving too slow, or that when He does, He will only pick the homeliest specimen that has no physical appeal to us whatsoever.  A lot of times we may even think we can do much better and that we have every right to go out and set up our own circumstances to achieve what we want.

But you’ll never realize God’s perfect best if you don’t wait for Him to work in the time and way that He chooses.  Just relax!  I know that may not be easy, especially if you’ve been waiting any length of time for God to unveil His plan of romance to you.  (Believe me, as a still-single young lady, I speak from experience.)  But you don’t know what He may be doing behind the scenes, right now even as you’re reading this, to write for you the most perfect, romantic love story that only He can author!  There are couple after couple out there that can attest that, when they allowed God to make the first move, the result was the most amazing romance beyond anything either of them could have ever imagined or fabricated on their own.

And don’t waste the valuable time you have now.  Use available free time to learn a new language, travel to somewhere you enjoy, learn a new skill.  Instead of giving in to the desire to dwell on the yearnings and pangs of a lonely heart, focus your energy into digging into a deeper relationship with your Saviour.  Learn to serve others in your family and your church.  Learn to be a good daughter, sister, church member.  Maybe God is waiting for you to learn some of these lessons before He will entrust you with the care of a husband and children of your own.

If you’re still single, please join me in taking comfort.  Trust your Maker.  Tell Him the desires of your heart.  And then wait for Him to work in your heart and begin to reveal His plan for you, in His timing and in His way.

Without a doubt, it will most assuredly be worth the wait.